Comsol Wireless Solutions specialises in building customised terrestrial wireless access infrastructure for companies, government entities and parastatals of all sizes, across all sectors. This infrastructure can be used for any connectivity purpose, ranging from short distances between locations that are a few metres apart across the road, to distances of a few thousand kilometres between provinces, and even countries.

Wireless infrastructure can either be used as a standalone solution or to complement other forms of connectivity infrastructure such as fibre, leased lines and other copper infrastructure.

Since its inception in 1997 Comsol has installed more than 20,000 wireless connections across South Africa and other parts of Africa involving more than R1-billion worth of infrastructure. The distance covered by this infrastructure totals 250,000 kilometres, which equates to traversing the earth 5 times.



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Network Planning

Comsol assists in all aspects of customer network planning, from conceptualizing the business model and determining the best technology...